The silent revolution in Mumbai’s rental market since 2014: eRegistration

Mumbai’s rental registration mechanism has seen a silent revolution in the last five years. From an only manual mechanism in registration of rental agreements in 2014, today almost 90% of all transactions are done through eRegistration. The ease in registration has had a meaningful impact in compliance as well. Rental registrations in Mumbai have surged 84% since 2015. Data from the Department of Registration and Stamps shows in FY15 a total of 1.35 lakh registrations were done. In FY20, the registrations had increased to 2.49 lakh.

Year eRegistration (%) Total rental registrations
FY15 0.19% 1,35,545
FY16 13.41% 1,48,235
FY17 39.64% 1,73,016
FY18 61.54% 2,09,246
FY19 74.02% 2,33,791
FY20 78.25% 2,49,125
Sept 20 87.79% 19,609

Source: IGR Maharashtra,  BHK Voice