Sky City: An easy run for Oberoi that will get tougher

The trick to understanding the operation of a developer is to never ask the developer. Given the stakeholders and linkages involved in housing, interactions with the ancillary sectors are far

Will one of Mumbai’s key slums at Worli get redeveloped?

Almost half of Mumbai’s population stays in slums. This population resides in 24% of the habitable land of Mumbai. Hence any meaningful sized real estate project often comes about only

Findings from my visit to Mumbai’s property registration offices

Property registrations in December 2020 will be setting new records. From an average monthly figure of around ~6,000 units over the last 3 years, this December it will exceed 15,000

Kalpataru Park City, Thane: A project that deserves more attention from customers

There are few developers in Mumbai with a legacy of the kind like Kalpataru. Not too many people will be aware that the company built one of the first skyscrapers

Rents in Mumbai are sinking further with no recovery in sight

There has been much attention to the challenges facing real-estate developers on account of COVID-19. In contrast there has been little focus on the challenges facing another critical segment of

Alluring payment plans are driving housing demand; but there is more to this than meets the eye

Almost every developer in Mumbai is offering payment plans that say “Pay 5 percent now. And rest on possession.” These sorts of payment plans are the biggest reason for housing sales