Mumbai’s housing affordability problem is proving costly for its developers

A home in Maximum City is considered ‘affordable’ if priced around Rs 1.5 crore, or around $200k. Problem for the developers is that not too many people exist who can

Why Mumbai’s real estate industry should focus less on price, more on quality

In the current environment, when demand has collapsed and prices are dropping, developers have only two options No segment has abused its position as a wealth multiplier as widely as

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Whichever value one adopts it is clear that the stakes in Mumbai real estate are very high. At a valuation of $800 billion, it is equivalent to 43 percent of

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Interest rate cut or rise in FSI makes good headlines but the revival of real estate will no longer depend on announcements but on a set of execution specialists. No

Dear real estate players, act on Piyush Goyal’s advice

Developers should cut prices, advertise and attract demand. The grand posturing of holding rates is only hurting them. It is not easy to send India’s real estate industry into shock.