Mumbai’s real estate industry should introspect its Pepsi experiment

Last week a prospective homebuyer asked me to evaluate a “luxury” project that he was thinking of purchasing an apartment in. It was located in an up-market area of Mumbai

Why cut the price per square feet when one can just cut the square feet? 

Mumbai’s home buyers are being offered smaller homes, not cheaper homes. The average size of an apartment has shrunk to 717 square feet – 22% lower than the level in

Maharashtra stamp duty cut: Mumbai real estate developers must now do their bit

The state government has given a helping hand to the industry by reducing the stamp duty rate from 5 percent to 2 percent until December 31. Now property developers must

The next big real estate battle: Thane or Navi Mumbai?

Urban clusters that will emerge as the new ‘homes’ despite the work from home (WFH) trend will in all likelihood be close to the main city where a visit once or

What Mumbai real estate developers can learn from Steve Jobs

Unless frequent and credible market research is done to understand the customer better, the same mistakes will get repeated. Flattering surveys only provide hollow hope to the industry and entertainment

Mumbai’s homes become smaller every year

Apartment sizes in Mumbai Metropolitan Region have been shrinking every year. Since 2011, apartment sizes have been reduced by 22%. The average apartment size today is 717 square feet according