The rise and rise of Bandra: Mumbai’s most vibrant piece of real estate

No one knows the date when it all began but it is undeniable that today Bandra is the most vibrant part of Mumbai. The coastal suburb, home to icons like Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, was always a high-profile micro-market. But it was always something of a poor man’s South Mumbai where property rates were 30-35 percent lower as recent as a decade or so ago. 

Its history, however, is richer than that of most of Mumbai. Around 500 years back, a pirate entered the Bandra creek and burnt down the fishing town he found, establishing the rule of the Portuguese.

When Bombay was given to England in dowry when King Charles married Catherine of Portugal in 1661, Bandra was not part of the treaty and stayed with the Portuguese. It eventually became part of the British Empire, was granted the status of a municipality in 1876 and merged into the Bombay Municipal Corporation after India’s independence.

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