India’s real estate industry should not follow Bollywood and instead welcome the outsider

Sushant Singh Rajput battled a hostile industry in Bollywood. His real estate equivalent should not face the same challenge.

The suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has forced social media to unleash war on the Bollywood elite. No one knows the exact reason for the suicide but it is undeniable that industry insiders view outsiders with a mixture of insecurity and scorn. It will be naïve to view this as an inflection moment for introspection and change within the industry. Bollywood is easily the best managed cartel in India.

The real estate sector shares a few peculiar traits to the movie industry. Low credibility, weak planning and shoddy execution have been the hallmark of the two industries. However, these are only symptoms of a much larger problem for both the industries. That problem is the inability or resistance to attract quality talent or adopt a superior set of practices. It’s not as if there is a shortage of players in the housing industry.

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