Enough of the Khans, Mumbai real estate needs to find its Ayushmann Khurrana

Much like Bollywood, Mumbai real estate needs to also evolve and upgrade. Time is running out.

Ever wondered the reason why real estate projects in Mumbai lack thought and imagination? It’s the same reason that Bollywood largely churns out mindless crap that masquerades as entertainment: Thought and imagination don’t really matter for success or failure. Earlier I used to be enthusiastic to view new projects and plans by developers. Unfortunately, irrespective of the location or the brand, they all pretty much looked and felt the same. Such is the boredom in lately evaluating new projects that only a relentless broker can push me into making a visit.

Keeping it with the analogy of Bollywood, this is how I view it. The male actors are the branded developers. People buy on the basis of that brand.

Male actors are the company brand

Godrej Properties = Salman Khan: Unless it is a below-par product, the project manages to scrape through. If it’s a good product it’s a super-hit.
Oberoi Realty = Aamir Khan: Much like the Lagaan and Dangal star, Oberoi Realty does select a few projects but offers amongst the best quality in the business. It charges a hefty premium as well.


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